Promotion video’s for internship

These video’s may help you by finding a company for your internship,

the video’s are nice to get an impression of a hotel chain.

Hilton hotels:

Conrad hotel:

The Ritz-Carlton hotel

Starwood hotels

Radisson Blu

Norwegian Cruise Line


United States, The Standard Hotel, New York

Hi Stenden students!

My name is Nicky Dullemans and I am doing my internship at The Standard New York. I am doing this internship for 12 months, which seems too long when you start and way too short when the end is near. I am interning in housekeeping where I am a housekeeping manager. You get a lot of responsibilities and not only expect you to be an intern, you are really here to manage the department. The department consists of about 65 employees of which many of them are Chinese. Which is a lot of fun, but it also takes a lot of patience due to the fact that for many of them Chinese is their first and only language. A day of work consists of making the housekeeper’s papers, dealing with guest complaints, walking guest rooms and guiding morning meetings. I do have to admit you have to work really hard; ten hour days, 5 days a week (6 if you have to). Aside from that the American culture is really individualistic and they tend to forget to work as a team. Luckily little things brighten up your day such as when you check the VIP arrivals and see that celebrities are arriving that day!
The Standard Hotel is amazing. I have never seen any hotel like it. The facilities make this hotel; a biergarten (beers, pretzels and a loud crowd), The Standard Grill restaurant, The Living room lounge, the gym, The Highline event space. And then there is the 18th and 19th floor. Where you have The Top of The Standard luxury bar, Le Bain (a crazy night club with a pool) and the rooftop (a great view of the city, cocktails and jacuzzi’s included).
Another fun part of this internship it that on your days off you get the chance to enjoy New York. There are so many things to discover about this city! You get to do all American things such as celebrating Halloween, going to the New York Knicks game, eat turkey on Thanksgiving and watch the fireworks on the 4th of July! Next to that, if you have any energy left, there is the possibility to go out every night of the week…
Four months to go and I do know that I am dying for a holiday. Work is long and hard and you have to take the internship very seriously. This has been an experience which I would have never wanna have missed. You learn a lot about you and what you want to do when you are finished with Stenden.
Very cheesy, but true: The experience of a life time!

United States, InterContinental New York Barclay

Frank Esmeijer

The Big Apple!

December 6, 2010 – New York

Hi, How are you?, is one of those typical American sayings, that you hear all over the place. It sounds pretty annoying, but as from the moment you start doing it yourself, you know you’re getting Americanized.

Well, my name is Frank Esmeijer, 4th year student at Stenden University, participating in the International Hospitality Management course.

Currently, I am living the American Dream!

As from last July, I work at the InterContinental New York Barclay. It is a classic, elegant hotel with lots of ambience and grandeur. It’s a very unique hotel in the collection of the IHG group, which includes Holiday Inn, InterContinental, Indigo and many more. The hotel has 686 rooms, one restaurant and one bar.

I was originally hired as a Food and Beverage Management Trainee.

As a Food and Beverage Management Trainee, you’re responsible for the daily operations of the outlets. The outlets include; restaurant, minibar, bar, room service and partially amenities. Shortly said, my duties including: running the shift (which my duty covers), scheduling, inventory, purchasing, billing, problem solving, meetings, forecasting, reservations, events and much more.

Positively, I’m working very close with many other departments, which ables me to get insight into their operations. Secondly, we are trained on budgeting, pay rolling, forecasting and other manager’s duties. Following, I work closely together, with the other managers and the director. And the employees see you as a full-time manager, taking decisions. It is a very learningfull experience, to be in ‘the city of dreams’ and work for a mega-operational company.

I must say, it is also an added value to work for a chain like IHG, who provides many benefits, opportunities and growth. Even internally on this internship, I have been rotated to departments like; housekeeping and conference services.

Unfortunately, the ‘New York Experience’ isn’t as bright as it sounds. I work a minimum of 50 hours a week, incidentally above 60. So as you can understand, it is working hard in a city that is stunning, living and thriving, but also exhausting and time consuming.

I have chosen to go to America to expand my cultural knowledge on business behaviour and city/country wise, after visiting and working in Europe & Asia. I specifically chose to work for a big chain, as explained above. All in all, I chose a combination (of job, company and country) that is rarely offered, but most outstanding and unique. Maybe to be honest, not my first choice, but definitely a great choice, that I won’t regret.

For the ones that are planning to go on internship, some tips: do not underestimate an internship, show all the best effort and attitude during your applications and most importantly enjoy and pick something you’ll feel comfortable with. But bear in mind: taking a different route (as I did), might bring you much more than you expect!

The Netherlands, Golden Tulip – EHP Hotels

Lijanne de Beus

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dear Readers,

My name is Lijanne de Beus, and I am 21 years old. I started the course ‘International Hospitality Management’ in 2006. During my time at ‘Stenden University’ I went to South Africa for six months to follow the minors ‘Wildlife and Lodge Management and I have been an active member of the student association ‘Io Vivat Nostrorum Sanitas’.
Nowadays I’m just about to finish my internship at ‘Golden Tulip – EHP Hotels’.
I am assisting Mr. M. Lindelauf during his daily activities as Managing Director of the six ‘Golden Tulip – EHP Hotels’. This internship is actually pretty exceptional while I am literally following Mr. Lindelauf everywhere he goes. We depart from his house in the morning and come back when his day is finished.
Mr. Lindelauf has tremendous experience within the Hospitality Industry while he has been General Manager of many well known hotels within the Netherlands, for example ‘Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky’ and the ‘American Hotel’, both situated in Amsterdam. While I work so close with this man, I have been given the opportunity to learn many things about working on management level within an organization during the last nine months.
Some activities I worked on are; setting up the budget files for the six hotels for 2011, marketing activities, designing new ‘banquet brochures’ for the six hotels, the setting-up of policies and procedures, writing the strategic plan for the organization, organizing the client event, attending meetings about the renovation of the six hotels, attending the General Managers meetings, attending Sales Meetings and many more interesting things.
If you are about to go on internship, make sure you have chosen the internship of which you think you can learn and benefit from the most with regard to your intended future career.
I have actually been surprised about how ‘small’ the hospitality world is within The Netherlands in terms of people knowing each other.
So my advice would be; make sure that you behave professional from the very first day, because even though you might be an intern, you will be working on your own network from day one!



Golden Tulip Loosdrecht, one of the six Golden Tulip – EHP Hotels

The Netherlands, Amsterdam, Strand Zuid

Lindsey Meyer

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

People may wonder why I have chosen for an internship in The Netherlands and not abroad. I could give you a simple answer; I based my decision on the function that l needed to fulfill, not the country that I liked the most. Well, before I tell you more about my function, I first will give a short introduction about myself. My name is Lindsey Meyer and I am 22 years old. Ever since I was a little girl, I always had a goal in my life; to go to Hotelschool The Hague. Finally, after doing the Intermediary Hotelschool in The Hague and selection (combined with a lot of stress), I managed to call myself a student of Hotelschool The Hague. Because I already had an intermediary degree, I did the Fast Track course, which lasted 2 years instead of the regular 4 years. This contains 1,5 year of theory and 6 months of a management internship. Students are free to chose where they want do to their internship, as long as it is a minimum of 5 months.

Like I mentioned, I am doing my internship in The Netherlands at Strandzuid. Strandzuid is a unique city beach in Amsterdam which covers an area of more than2,000 m² located between the RAI Centre and Beatrix Park in Amsterdam. Since its opening in 2005, the company has successfully established itself in the events and restaurant world of Amsterdam by distinguishing itself from other city beaches by virtue of the perfect mix of business and leisure.

Strandzuid provides several locations where different kinds of events can be given. My function during this management placement is being a Party Manager. It is my responsibility to manage the personnel on an event, keeping the upper control and overview and maintaining professional contact with the contact person and the kitchen. I am also the person where people can go to if they have any questions or remarks. Basically, I need to manage an event from A to Z whereby my team and I deliver a qualitative high product to the guests.

Currently, I am still working at Strandzuid till the end of August. I really recommend this company to do your management placement at, since this is a young and dynamic company where they have a pleasant work environment and where you can learn to develop yourself.

Spain, Majestic Hotel Group, Barcelona

¡Viva España!

Buenas días a todos!

Let´s start with introducing myself, my name is Hellen van Asselt and I am doing my internship in Barcelona. Before I decided to move the Netherlands and go to Spain, I always thought that I was going to do my internship within the F&B department of a hotel. That went a little bit different and I am an intern revenue management and E commerce in Majestic Hotel group.

I started the 1st of September 2011 with my internship for Majestic Hotel group and until now I am really satisfied with my position here. Choosing to leave the save position behind and try something new and different is definitely one of the best choices I´ve made.

I work from Monday to Friday, from 9 to 6, a typical office job. However, Barcelona has so much to offer that you almost need all weekends off to explore the city..!

During a working day I make pick up reports from the reservations and send it to the revenue manager. After that I am checking our distribution channels and implement the changes that are made in IDS for that day. Futhermore, I check our online rates, load new online travel agencies and do certain competition studies. Since the world of E-commerce is getting much broader within the hospitality industry it is great to have this opportunity.

Of course not everything is that simple as the way it looks. When you go to a foreign country you have to speak the language quite good in order to adapt in a company. On top of that, an internship is an internship and you will always be the ´trainee´.  This doesn´t have to mean a bad thing, but you have to show your interest and motivation in order to reach the goals you´ve set for yourself.  

At last I would definitely recommend to go abroad to do an internship. You are getting familiar with new cultures, new places and people.  I am very glad that I´ve chosen for a fantastic city like Barcelona. I am enjoying as much as I can while the summer is already getting started here..!

Hellen van Asselt

South Africa, Protea President Hotel

Maaike Amels

Monday, November 22, 2010

Dear Readers,

Well here I am, live from Cape Town to tell you something about my internship. As a first year student I already knew that I wanted to do my internship abroad. Where that would lead me got clearer in my third year, when I decided to go to South Africa. I applied for a hotel and got accepted by the Protea President Hotel in Cape Town.

South Africa and especially Cape Town attract me because of the great dynamics the country and the city represent. It is a country that is developing and will become bigger and more important each year. Cape Town has a lot to offer, the beautiful views of the sea and the mountains but also the energy of a big city. All the people are very friendly and nice, they made me feel very welcome. All in all I can say that Cape Town is everything I expected and much more.

At this moment I have been working in the Protea President Hotel for 2 weeks. This is a 4 star hotel with 349 rooms and it is rated as one of the best and more upscale hotels in Cape Town. I am accepted as an all round trainee. This means that I will get to see different departments where I will hopefully learn as much as possible. I start with two weeks in housekeeping followed by two weeks in Guest Services. Then I will start working at the reception for 2 months. In the beginning of February I will start working at the reservations department. After that I will probably work in marketing and accounts and maybe some other departments. After three years of IHM I still have no idea which departments and functions within the hotel I really like and that is why this internship is perfect for me. I get to see a lot of different sides of the hotel, which I like a lot.

After two weeks I can already see a difference with working in the Netherlands and working in South Africa. In the Netherlands everybody is always busy, Dutch employees work efficient and fast. In South Africa it is harder to get things done and employees do tend to be a little slower during their work. One thing is the same in both countries, working to create the best guest service. In the President Hotel they have three basic principles. Respect for human dignity, the best guest service and in search of excellence. That is the main goal for every employee and I think they do strive to achieve this goal. The atmosphere within the company is very good and I hope that I will be able to learn a lot during this internship.

I can recommend an internship in Cape Town to everybody. There is so much to learn within the internship but also of the country and everything it has to offer. I will be able to enjoy it for 10 months and I am looking forward to everything that is yet to come.

Kind Regards,

Maaike Amels