United States, InterContinental New York Barclay

Frank Esmeijer

The Big Apple!

December 6, 2010 – New York

Hi, How are you?, is one of those typical American sayings, that you hear all over the place. It sounds pretty annoying, but as from the moment you start doing it yourself, you know you’re getting Americanized.

Well, my name is Frank Esmeijer, 4th year student at Stenden University, participating in the International Hospitality Management course.

Currently, I am living the American Dream!

As from last July, I work at the InterContinental New York Barclay. It is a classic, elegant hotel with lots of ambience and grandeur. It’s a very unique hotel in the collection of the IHG group, which includes Holiday Inn, InterContinental, Indigo and many more. The hotel has 686 rooms, one restaurant and one bar.

I was originally hired as a Food and Beverage Management Trainee.

As a Food and Beverage Management Trainee, you’re responsible for the daily operations of the outlets. The outlets include; restaurant, minibar, bar, room service and partially amenities. Shortly said, my duties including: running the shift (which my duty covers), scheduling, inventory, purchasing, billing, problem solving, meetings, forecasting, reservations, events and much more.

Positively, I’m working very close with many other departments, which ables me to get insight into their operations. Secondly, we are trained on budgeting, pay rolling, forecasting and other manager’s duties. Following, I work closely together, with the other managers and the director. And the employees see you as a full-time manager, taking decisions. It is a very learningfull experience, to be in ‘the city of dreams’ and work for a mega-operational company.

I must say, it is also an added value to work for a chain like IHG, who provides many benefits, opportunities and growth. Even internally on this internship, I have been rotated to departments like; housekeeping and conference services.

Unfortunately, the ‘New York Experience’ isn’t as bright as it sounds. I work a minimum of 50 hours a week, incidentally above 60. So as you can understand, it is working hard in a city that is stunning, living and thriving, but also exhausting and time consuming.

I have chosen to go to America to expand my cultural knowledge on business behaviour and city/country wise, after visiting and working in Europe & Asia. I specifically chose to work for a big chain, as explained above. All in all, I chose a combination (of job, company and country) that is rarely offered, but most outstanding and unique. Maybe to be honest, not my first choice, but definitely a great choice, that I won’t regret.

For the ones that are planning to go on internship, some tips: do not underestimate an internship, show all the best effort and attitude during your applications and most importantly enjoy and pick something you’ll feel comfortable with. But bear in mind: taking a different route (as I did), might bring you much more than you expect!


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