Welcome to Hospitality Delighted!

This is the site where you can find everything about the magazine. Want to know who the current editors are? Just go to “About Hospitality Delighted”. Wondering about previously published magazine? “Magazine Library” has them all. Like us so much that you want to come into contact with us? The “Contact” page will serve those needs. If you are not much of an e-mailer, we are also on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Apart from writing about us, we also write about all kinds of interesting things we find. Recipes, interesting hospitality concepts, funny facts: you can all find it under “News”. Bored of reading and want to just sit back and enjoy? Then our “Videos” page might be something for you.

Finally, we do not do all the work ourselves. Many students who are on Grand Tour, participating in the Exchange Program or are on Internship write interesting stories for us about their experiences. These have all been published under “Student Reports” for your reading pleasure.